You are worthy - Audio Inspiration Companion

You are worthy - Audio Inspiration Companion

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When we have a big goal, when we do something out of the ordinary (like starting a unique, heart-led business), when we take bold action, take a risk, step up and put ourselves on the line, it’s a common, human experience to feel fear and harbour limiting beliefs around our intentions, abilities and our WORTHINESS.

Fear around our worthiness can show up in many forms and it’s your job, with the help of the training booklet and the ongoing support of the journaling exercises and audio companion, to 

  • Identify how fear around worthiness is showing up for you

  • Recognise the limitations you’re experiencing as a result and 

  • Rework that fear to clear your path to confident and assured action

What you get:

A short PDF training booklet including Journaling Exercises so that you can reframe your limiting beliefs around worthiness and apply the lessons in the way they resonate with YOU

An inspirational MP3 audio track to listen to DAILY to reinforce supportive and motivating beliefs in a quick and easy way


Reframe your beliefs around worthiness so that you can confidently claim your true ability and start to do yourself justice in your business. 

You deserve to achieve your goals and potential so that you can get what you want from your business for your life and be the business owner you want to be.

Let's make sure you’re building (and maintaining) a business mindset that supports you!

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