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You don’t like to say it out loud because, on the surface, everything looks hunky-dory.

But you feel dissatisfied, stifled and, frankly, underutilised. 

You want “something more” from life.

You want to fulfil the potential you know you have within you. 

But you don’t know where to start.

And even if you did know where to start, you’re not sure you have the time or the space in your head to take on more than you’re doing at the moment. 

Between work, home, children and other family responsibilities, your days are full and taking time out to think about yourself seems self-indulgent, like something you’ll be able to do “one day”...

I get it. I spent years feeling that way then, more by luck than intention, to be honest, it dawned on me that actually I was doing a disservice not only to myself, but to those around me too, by allowing myself to go on feeling that way.

I was totally depleted, so much of my energy sucked away by the day to day of putting one dissatisfied foot in front of the other. I mean, really. Who wants to be around that girl?

So what did I do? In a nutshell, I changed my mind.

It took some time and effort on my part (fun effort, if you know what I mean?) but I worked on (and still work on) changing my mind, exploring and shifting the unhelpful mindset and thought patterns that hold me back.


I started focusing on my personal development through journaling and now, if you’re up for it, I want to help you do that too.





How would it feel if you could:

  • Cultivate the feeling of being in charge of your own life
  • Feel able to create your own success and
  • Experience the increase in energy that these better feelings create

Then YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS STORY, an online course that will provide you with a framework for journaling to be your lifelong, life enhancing companion for clarity, creativity, support and success,  is for you.




I’m Elle Turner, a writer, Personal Development coach and Success Journaling mentor.

When I started journaling with intention, my journal was the place I turned to to work out what I wanted to do and then plan a way to take action. Writing in this way helped me gain clarity and inspiration, and then, more importantly, take positive actions based on what mattered to me most. And most importantly, it helped me shift the way I thought about focusing on my own life in this way. 

I’ve learned to trust that following this path of personal development (and continuing to do so) is not only of huge benefit to me, but it’s of benefit to those around me too.

Now I’ve combined my eight years of writing fiction, 20 years working in HR and extensive Personal Development research and exploration to create what I call SUCCESS JOURNALING, a creative, fun and powerful tool for self-development to help you feel more fulfilled and have a positive impact on your world through writing.



Think of the main character in a book you love.

Broadly speaking, chances are that, at the beginning of their story, they want something from life that they haven’t got, but that really matters to them.

Throughout the story they grow and change, learning more about themselves and who they are along the way.

By the end of the story, even though it’s not been without challenge, the character’s life is enhanced, they feel achievement, a sense of peace or happiness originally missing from their days and you know they’re going to move onwards and upwards from there.

That’s a simplistic way to describe one possible character arc but, when you think about it, a story needs its protagonist to learn, act and grow or the story just isn’t as good as could be.

The same is true of our own life story. YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS STORY gets you to look at your own personal growth in this way and uses the elements of fiction (including character, setting and dialogue etc.) as a structure for working on your personal development. 

How fun is that?


Your Personal Success Story is for you if you want to:

  • Gain clarity on what personal success means to you so that you can follow your own path to fulfilling the potential you know you have within you  
  • Strengthen your sense of self, including your self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-trust and self-belief so that you can feel good about basing your decisions and actions on what genuinely matters to you  
  • Develop a helpful mindset and inner dialogue that will support your personal growth so that you can take action on your decisions from a place of more assuredness because you’re not internally working against yourself
  • Develop a strong foundational springboard to help you create your own success in the way that matters to you most, so that you can continue to work on your personal fulfilment as what that means to you changes and evolves in the future.

I decided that the best way to show my gratitude for the life I’ve been given is to learn, grow, develop and try to be the best I can be, so that I have the capacity to give more to those around me and, if possible, the wider world. 

It’s what I’m constantly aiming for and if that sounds like something you want to aim for too, join me for Your Personal Success Story. 



Through journaling I began to get to know myself better. I learned how I react to situations, clarified what I wanted and didn’t want and made inroads into shifting the balance of my life towards what mattered to me most.

Fast forward a few years and now I have my own business, but what I’m DOING is not the most important part. How I’m FEELING is, both day to day and about continuing to develop and grow. I feel lighter, brighter, more energetic and generally nicer to know! 

Journaling helped me do that and now I’d love it to do the same for you.



Enrolment opens 11.00am (UK time) 18 July 2019

Early bird offer available until Midnight (UK time) 22 July 2019

Enrolment closes Midnight (UK time) 1 August 2019

Course materials (Videos and PDF workbooks including Journaling exercises) available to you from 5 August 2019.


Join me for Your Personal Success Story. I'd love to see you inside the course!


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