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Elle Turner Creative | Start your Success Journaling story

Are you ready to create your own vision of success?

Then you’ve come to the right (write) place.


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Elle TurnerHey there!

I’m Elle Turner, a writer, stationery-lover and bookworm who believes we can achieve personal success, and enhance the world around us, using writing to create our “something more”.




  • Do you know that you could do so much more with your life, but feel creatively stifled and unsure of what to tackle first?
  • Have you spent so long focusing on your family that you’ve forgotten who you are as an individual and you haven’t had time to even try to remember?  
  • Do you feel guilty because you’re already very lucky and wonder if you’re being selfish and self-indulgent for even thinking about wanting something more?

I understand these feelings so well and they’re not great, are they?

For so long I felt like that and spent my days feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied and lethargic. I didn’t know how to stop feeling that way or, indeed, if it was possible to stop at all.

Long story short, IT WAS.


Elle Turner Creative | Start your Success Journaling Story

Since I developed a practice of journaling for self-development, my journal has become my lifelong companion for clarity, creativity, support and success.


As an introverted, stationery-loving bookworm, I’ve always had a tendency to turn to a noteook to “think things through”. Without really realising what I was doing initially, I began to get to know myself better. I learned how I react to situations, clarified what I want and don’t want and made inroads into shifting the balance of my life towards what matters to me most.
Now I've started my own business, I work from home and feel lighter, brighter, more energetic and generally nicer to know! I’ve been able to integrate everything that matters to me – taking care of my family, building something worthwhile for my children and doing something I love – and I’ve learned how to trust that following this path is not only of huge benefit to me, but to those around me too.

So here’s the question:

Are you ready to achieve personal success, and enhance the world around you, using Success Journaling to create your something more?


Elle Turner Creative | Start your Success Journaling story



  • you want to achieve your personal vision of success and make a positive impact on your world, all while meeting your many commitments and responsibilities with energy
  • you're ready to feel lighter, brighter and more fulfilled, devoting time and mental space to what matters to you most
  • you’re grateful for everything you have and want to make the most of your life in gratitude for everything you’ve been given

Success Journaling may be for you.

As a writer and bookworm, I love to think about the parallels between life and fiction. That’s why my method of Success Journaling uses the principles of fiction (such as character, setting, dialogue etc) as a structure for working on our self-development. How fun is that?
Using the principles of fiction, in Start your Success Journaling Story you’ll begin to:

  • clarify what matters to you and what you want your life to be like
  • integrate the most important element on the path to achieving what you want into your daily life
  • take action based on what matters to you most

and, perhaps best of all:

  • benefit others by living your life the way you want to live it


Elle Turner Creative | Start your Success Journaling story


Am I trying to tell you that Success Journaling solves everything? No, of course not. No amount of Journaling is going to take the place of healthy eating or exercise, for example, when it comes to living our “best life”.  (Sadly!)
Achieving our personal vision of success needs a multifaceted approach, everything we need won’t come from one activity, but Success Journaling can be the “command centre” for an intentional approach to self-development.
The Start your Success Journaling Story workbook will introduce you to a practice that can be your lifelong, life-enhancing companion.

You are the main character in your life story and you’re too important to leave your happy ending to chance.


Elle Turner Creative | Start your Success Journaling story