Make your Business Work for You

Find the clarity, confidence and energy to start and grow your business in the way you’ve wanted to for SO long, so that you can attract, convert and impact your ideal clients and achieve success and fulfilment through the work you want to bring to the world. 



 Make your business work for YOU - the Masterclass


  • Have you been trying SO HARD to start, grow or find success in your business, but it’s just not going the way you wanted or imagined?
  • Are you craving the success, fulfilment and impact that you just KNOW would be available to you, if only you could figure out what to do next...and then actually do it? 
  • Do you want to ditch the INNER CONFLICT between what you desire for your life and business and the painfully frustrating feelings that you’re scared might be ‘just the way it is’ or, worse still, ‘just the way’ you are?

I know those feelings so well and, straight away, I want you to know that you’re not alone. (Actually if you knew how many people feel this way as part of their business and/or creative journey, you’d possibly be a bit cross with yourself for being so unoriginal *wink*).

But here’s the thing:

I also know that you’re an intelligent, compassionate business owner with a creative soul who wants to: 

  • Positively impact others while doing work that you love, 
  • work that matters to you and 
  • work that allows you to live your life on your own terms, based around what matters to you most. 

That’s why I’ve created Make Your Business Work for You, a Masterclass that will show you the best way to get what you want from your business (A wider audience? More clients? Increased revenue? Or all of the above because, after all, you get to choose…)


If that's you, then here’s what you NEED to know (and what I’ll teach you in the Masterclass)

  • The TWO things you need above all else for success in your business (and therefore your life, right?)
  • How focusing on, and achieving, what YOU want will enable you to create the impact you want to have on those around you and the wider world and why it’s important, no actually it’s NECESSARY, that you focus on achieving everything you want and
  • The SINGLE BEST WAY to do that



    In the masterclass I’ll cover:

    • How you can approach your work with more confidence and positive energy so that you can make decisive decisions and take action without second-guessing yourself or getting in a stew
    • The impact you can have on those around you and the wider world if you’re prepared to go after what YOU want without hiding behind feelings of selfishness or guilt because it makes you seem like a nicer person
    • ONE habit you can easily cultivate that has the power to support you in your business so that you can repeatedly achieve what you want as this changes and evolves as you grow

    But it won’t all be YOU listening to ME. I’m not offering you a blueprint (yuck) nor claiming to have all the answers that you need (double yuck). 

    How could I? I’m not you and your business isn’t mine. 

    My job is to guide you to you listen to yourself so that you hear your OWN answers, because they ARE there, you just need the tools and support to help them pipe up.


    I’ll give you three short Journaling exercises throughout the Masterclass that will help you uncover and relate what all of this means to YOU specifically so that you start to see and understand that there’s a powerful tool (in writing) at your fingertips to help you get what you want from your business. 

    With these three short exercises, you'll understand HOW to make your business work for you.


    Make your Business Work for YOU - the Masterclass


    How would it feel to:

    • Discover the number one thing that most people overlook to become clear and confident in your ability to start or grow your busines so that you can achieve what you want to achieve for yourself and your family (Like more disposable income? Freedom to travel? Or more time together? Your definition of success is up to you!)
    • Be unapologetically laser-focused on going after YOUR success knowing that THIS is what will allow you to have the impact on others that you desire 
    • Trust that you have the best tool in your arsenal to help you show up as the leader of your business and always know you can approach your goals with more energy and ease both now and as they evolve in the future 

    The bottom line is: How would it feel to know PRECISELY how to get what you want from your business, now and always?

    It would feel great, right?

    Make Your Business Work for You - the Masterclass  is the event to help you approach your business in a way that makes it work for YOU. 

    You started your business for a reason (What was that? It’s time to remember) and

    It's time to make it work for YOU