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What do you want to achieve in your business?

What will that bring to your life?

What sort of business owner do you want to be?

Let’s answer these questions and more (& help you create all that you want to create)


Hey there,

Elle Turner I’m Elle Turner, a writer, business mindset mentor and course creator who helps intelligent, compassionate entrepreneurs and creatives (that's you) find the clarity, confidence and energy to build their business so that they can achieve success, fulfilment and impact through the work they want to bring to the world.



Does any, or all, of this sound familiar?


  • You know you could do so much more with your business, but you’re stuck.
  • You feel confused, worried, overwhelmed and and are unsure what to tackle first.
  • You feel that your longed-for business start up isn’t the solution you expected it to be because you feel uncertain and overwhelmed
  • You’re scared that branching out on your own will be (or has been) a mistake because you lack confidence, fear that you’re not good enough, don’t know enough or are just plain old deluded to want what you want
  • But you most definitely do not want to go back to a traditional 9-5 job that doesn’t allow you the autonomy, flexibility or freedom to manage your other (and frankly more important to you) responsibilities (like your family) and leaves you feeling unfulfilled and creatively stifled in your life and work too.


I thought so, and I get it. I get it SO MUCH, because that was me too. 


I knew I wanted to start my own business so that I could have the autonomy and achievement that I longed for but, when I did, I discovered that every self-doubt, worry or fear I could have had, showed up and decided to hold a permanent dance party in my head, heart and gut.

I knew I could do it, somewhere deep inside but, at the same time, I feared I couldn’t and I didn’t know how to get past that gut-wrenching, heart-breaking stumbling block.

It’s since then that I discovered what I now believe unequivocally to be true, to achieve our vision of personal success and fulfilment, we need to do the inner work necessary to enable us to do the external work we desire.

The external work, aka what we ‘DO’ is the easier bit. It’s achieving clarity, maintaining a supportive mindset and taking action from a place of self-assuredness that makes or breaks our ability to DO anything at all.

=> If you’ve ever avoided posting on social media because you fear the response (or lack of response),

=>If the thought of appearing on live video makes you sweat

=>If sometimes you think you’re products and services are great but in the next breath you think they suck more than anything you could imagine

You’re most definitely not alone (In fact, I've discovered these feelings are so common in the online business space, you’ll actually start to feel cross at how unoriginal you’re being!)


It’s not that you’re ‘not cut out’ for this business thing

It’s that you need to reorganise your business mindset so that it supports you to take the action that you need to take (without the self-doubt, sweating & fear of sucking) so that you can achieve the results you can feel in your heart and mind


Why do I believe that focusing on mindset & personal growth THE WORK?

I left my day job in 2016, opened the online doors to my eco-friendly stationery business the same year, did what I now consider to be a self-created apprenticeship in online business (and life as it turned out) for a couple of years before finally finding the path I wanted to be on and starting again in late 2018.

Although that period has turned out to be pivotal to what I’m doing now, I wouldn’t recommend the accidental, haphazard, overwhelming, fear-ridden way I muddled through to anyone.

But throughout this period I learned that in order to build the business I wanted, and not one that would leave me as unfulfilled and drained as my ‘day job’, I needed to focus on gaining real clarity on what that actually meant and cultivating a strong & supportive mindset so that I could take the action I needed to take to, in a nutshell, get on with it.

Since the penny dropped for me, that I’d spent months and months completely misunderstanding and underestimating the power of mindset and mindset work,

I researched, explored, learned, practiced…(and incorporated my knowledge and experience from almost 20 years working in HR where the relationship between people and business is paramount)

and focused on building my business mindset. 


The tool I turned to was writing. I’d already journaled off and on for years and, as an introverted, stationery-loving bookworm, didn’t know what to do other than to turn to a blank notebook to “think things through”. Without really realising what I was doing initially, I began to get to know myself better. I learned how I react to situations, clarified what I want and don’t want and made inroads into shifting the balance of my life towards what matters to me most.

And now, whenever I want to CREATE a change to better my situation, THINK something through or, most importantly, EXPLORE and shift the unhelpful mindset and thought patterns that hold me back in my business, putting pen to paper is always my first step.

You can read my story here but, the short version is, I developed a practice of intentional & focused journaling for personal growth to help me in my business and now my journal is a powerful tool for cultivating, managing and maintaining a business mindset.


If you're ready to achieve want you want from your business so that you can get what you want for your life and be the business owner you want to be... 

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Success Journaling

Sometimes we’ll use my unique Success Journaling framework that uses the elements of fiction (Character, Setting Dialogue etc) as a structure for your personal growth. It’s function is to guide you to gain clarity, cultivate a supportive mindset and take action to move your business forward so that you know and believe that you are capable of creating what you want, in the way that you want to and so that you can have all the success, fulfilment and impact you desire.




What is the Success Journaling framework?


Think of the main character in a book you love.

Broadly speaking, chances are that, at the beginning of their story, they want something from life that they haven’t got, but that really matters to them.

Throughout their story they grow and change, learning more about themselves and who they are along the way.

By the end of the story, even though it’s not been without challenge, the character’s life is enhanced, they feel achievement, a sense of peace or happiness originally missing from their days and you know they’re going to move onwards and upwards from there.

That’s a simplistic way to describe one possible character arc but, when you think about it, a story needs its protagonist to learn, act and grow or the story just isn’t as good as could be.

The same is true of our own life story.

You are the main character in your life story and you’re too important to leave your happy ending to chance.




This isn’t about a fictional character, though, this is about real, live, wonderful YOU. 

Everything you need is already within you. You just need help to get it out.

And that’s what I’m here for!

Through clarity and confidence training, mentorship & courses using the proven power of writing I’ll help you cultivate AND maintain an approach that allows you to build on a solid foundation, that is the clarity, confidence & conviction that underpin business success. 

 Let’s get started!


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