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You started your business because you want more for your life. Am I right?

I thought so. That’s great!

You want to build your business around what matters to you most (Whether that’s your family, a long-held desire to travel, day to day flexibility & freedom or whatever this means to you)

Without sacrificing meaning and fulfilment from the work you do (You want to achieve the potential you know you have within you - I get that).

You know the work you want to bring to the world (Maybe you’re a writer, an artist, a jewellery maker, a coach, a photographer, a VA or a… I could go on all day)

But, right now, it’s feeling hard and you feel like you’re failing.

Is this true for you?

You started your business for a reason, but it’s just not working out the way you want it to.

Maybe you’re riddled with self doubt (Do I even know what I’m doing?) or

You’ve been struck by imposter syndrome (Why did I think that I’d be able to do this?)

You’re disappointed and frustrated because your reasons and dreams are still there, but you’re afraid that it will always feel the way it feels now.

Perhaps you’ve even turned on yourself, feeling ashamed, embarrassed or deluded for even thinking you could make a go of this ‘business thing’

If that rings true, then know you’re not alone. I’ve been there and I’m willing to bet (not because I’m a gambler, but because I know for sure) that if you open up and ask around, many of your fellow entrepreneurs have been too.

But you can turn it around. Read on.

For a long time when I started my first business in 2016 I lacked confidence. I felt that I never knew as much as I should, that I couldn’t do as much as I needed to do and that I was destined to let everyone around me down by failing to do what they were cheering me on to do. 

So what changed?

In a nutshell, 

And as a priority business activity

I started focusing on building a BUSINESS MINDSET as well as building a business.


Let me ask you this. How would it feel to:

Be confident in your ability to start or grow your business and have the self-assurance to know you can find the solution to any problems thrown at you along the way

Be clear on what matters to you and what you want so that you can make confident and decisive decisions accordingly, instead of humming and hawing back and forth making (and remaking) decisions dictated by your fears

Have a robust and powerful tool to cultivate and manage your business mindset so that you can take the assured action necessary to follow your path to success and fulfilment with energy and ease

Great, yes?

Then my online course, Build Your Business Mindset for Success, is for you.

Hopping from strategy to strategy to see what might stick, tying yourself in knots to come up with tactics that might pay off and looking to everyone around you thinking someone must have a marketing secret that you just. haven’t. heard. yet (Freebie overload, anyone?) need no longer be for you.

You have everything you need within you to cut through the noise and confusion (You just need the right tool to get it out).



I’m Elle Turner, writer (of relationship based fiction), business mindset mentor and course creator and I help intelligent, compassionate entrepreneurs and creatives just like you find the clarity, confidence and energy to start or grow your business or get your creative work out into the world in the way you’ve wanted to for SO long, so that you can finally achieve what you want from your business for your life.

To do this I teach using Journaling as a personal growth tool so that you can develop a business mindset. 

When I started journaling with intention, my journal was the place I turned to to work out what I wanted to do and then plan a way to take action. Writing in this way helped me gain clarity and inspiration, and then take positive actions based on what mattered to me most. And most importantly, it helped me shift the way I thought about focusing on my own life and business in this way. 

My unique method of Success Journaling is a combination of my experience writing fiction, 20 years working in Human Resources, where it’s obvious the benefits not only to people themselves of their personal growth but to their work too, and my own personal growth and extensive exploration. 

What is Success Journaling?

Think of the main character in a book you love.

Broadly speaking, chances are that, at the beginning of their story, they want something from life that they haven’t got, but that really matters to them.

Throughout the story they grow and change, learning more about themselves and who they are along the way.

By the end of the story, even though it’s not been without challenge, the character’s life is enhanced, they feel achievement, a sense of peace or happiness originally missing from their days and you know they’re going to move onwards and upwards from there.

That’s a simplistic way to describe one possible character arc but, when you think about it, a story needs its protagonist to learn, act and grow or the story just isn’t as good as could be.

The same is true of our own life story. 

Nifty, but how does this help YOU build your business mindset?

This isn’t about a fictional character, though, this is about real, live, wonderful YOU. 

And the fact that you have everything you need within you to write your own character arc.

If there’s something you want at the moment in your life or business (let’s call this the start of the story)

You can GROW and DEVELOP, through gaining clarity and cultivating a supportive mindset 

So that you can take assured action towards the goals you’re looking to achieve.

That’s the point of my online course, Build Your Business Mindset for Success.

The course will teach you how to use my unique method of Success Journaling as a business mindset tool so that you can ditch the internal conflict you’ve been feeling and approach your business with more clarity, confidence and ease.



Build Your Business Mindset for Success uses the Success Journaling framework to look at how you want your character to arc and supports you in doing the ‘inner’ work that will enable you to do the ‘external’ work to achieve your desires, the vision for your business and the personal success, fulfilment and impact that you had in mind when you started your business.

So what’s the course designed to guide you through doing? Well, it's for you if you’re ready to:

  • Gain clarity on what personal success means to you so that you can follow your own path to fulfilling the potential you know you have within you without sacrificing your other priorities (because you’ll focus on building your business with these clearly in your mind)

  • Strengthen your sense of self, including your self-knowledge, self-awareness, self-trust and self-belief so that you can base your decisions and actions to build your business on what genuinely matters to you (whether that’s being around for your family, upgrading your lifestyle, supporting a cause - or all of these and more) and do so with more confidence and ease 

  • Develop a mindset and inner dialogue that will support your business activities so that you can take action on your decisions from a place of more assuredness and with more energy because you’re not internally working against yourself 

  • Develop a strong business success springboard to help you create your own success in the way that matters to you most, so that you can continue to work on getting what you want from your business for your life as what that means to you changes and evolves in the future. 

What about the when, where, how and how much?


Join the waiting list for Build Your Business Mindset for Success


If you’re through with being led by fear and the gremlins of self-doubt, imposter syndrome and inadequacy that have shown up and held a dance party in your head, heart and gut ever since you began down your entrepreneurial path


Then join me for my online course, Build Your Business Mindset for Success.