Audio Inspiration Companions

 For entrepreneurs and creatives growing their own unique, heart-led business



It’s so GREAT that you’re part of the movement of intelligent and compassionate entrepreneurs and creatives who want to have a massively positive impact in the world. 

The more, the better, don’t you think?

It’s a blessing, a privilege and the opportunities today for us are immense 

But it can feel tough, too, can’t it?

I get that so completely.

That’s how I felt for what seemed like ages when I started my first business in 2016. 

I found there was so much to LEARN and DO

So many plates to keep spinning

That instead of creating the ease and enjoyment I’d been looking for (away from the 9-5 rat race)

All I felt was self-doubt, fear, shame and, let’s be honest, defeat. I had no idea what I was doing and I wasn’t doing anything well.




I didn’t find a magic wand, but I did start to understand what to focus on fundamentally and developed the tools and practices that now make sure, as I build my business, that I experience the confidence, energy, ease and enjoyment that I’d wanted and wished for all along.

In short, I started focusing on the inner work necessary to build, and maintain, a BUSINESS MINDSET so that I can become the business owner I want to be.

Here’s the thing: 

I reckon you want to

  • Know in your bones that being an entrepreneur is the path you’re meant to be on
  • Feel wholly capable of delivering a product or service of the highest quality to your customers or clients 
  • Feel worthy and deserving of achieving all the huge desires you hold so close and
  • Take action in your business confidently in a way that demonstrates these empowering beliefs.

It’s easier said than done, though, I know.

Especially when you’re busy (Spinning the business plates as well as looking after all your other responsibilities and I know there’s plenty of them!)

So I’ll cut to the chase.

You want a robust and easy way to build AND MAINTAIN your business mindset so that you can become the business owner you want to be.

You want Audio Inspiration Companions, each focusing on reframing a specific limiting mindset theme. Your heart’s on board with building your business, it’s time to get your head there too!

Each companion consists of a short, training booklet, including journaling exercises, so that you can apply the lessons in the way they resonate most AND an inspirational audio track to listen to DAILY to reinforce supportive and motivating beliefs in a quick and easy way.

How would it feel to 

  • Gain clarity on the mindset issues holding you back, impacting you and your ability to take assured action in your business
  • Reframe these limitations and cultivate beliefs that support you AND
  • Have a quick and easy way of installing these empowering beliefs so that you can take confident action towards your business goals...

...and, importantly, get your unique, heart-led work into the hands of those who need it.



It’s time to own your business.