Personal development is a lifelong, evolving activity

Journaling for personal development is a lifelong activity.


Are you doing what you wanted to do when you were a child?

I’m not. Over the years I’ve wanted to be a dancer, a physiotherapist, a police officer, a diplomat and a florist.

That’s only the jobs I’ve wanted to do and never done!

Let’s just say, what I’ve wanted has changed and evolved a few times over the years.

And although I finally believe I’ve found what I want to do with my life, (woot!) I’m very open to the evolution of my business over time.

This is a new experience for me as I’ve always had the mentality around making choices that what I’m deciding is for life. 

But I’ve come to realise that that creates a lot of stress and inertia around almost every decision. I’m now happy that my life will evolve as it evolves and that, now I have my business, I can be flexible and follow my own path to success and fulfilment, my view of which will change and evolve as I do.

Why did I come to this conclusion? Well, part of it is definitely ageing. Especially changing direction mid-life and being faced with all the (good and bad) upheavals that followed.

But part of it is also because I have a framework that I know I can turn to whenever I need it.

Where did I find it?

I created it. For me. For you. For us.

I’m talking about Success Journaling, the framework I created that can support you on your path to personal success and fulfilment both now, and in the future, as what you want from life changes and evolves.

I believe the fact that we can keep changing, growing and developing is one of the joys in life. I wanted to create something that wasn’t a ‘once and done let me take that course then forget about it’ experience but the framework for an ongoing practice, because that’s how personal development and growth works, isn’t it? It’s a lifelong, evolving activity.  

If you’ve heard me say that I now call journaling my lifelong, life enhancing companion, that’s what I’ve found, and I hope through Success Journaling you can find that too.

Elle xo

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