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When I first started Elle Turner Creative I was on a mission to help us create a life around what matters to us most, achieve our own personal vision of success and fulfilment and have a positive impact on our world, all while bringing more fun and creativity into our lives.

That’s still my mission, but I’m even more committed to it today than the day I started.



Because of the continuing impact of journaling for personal development on my life and the positive effects I continue to feel through my regular journaling practices.

I believe the fact that we can keep changing, growing and developing is one of the joys in life and it’s through journaling that I’ve been able to take charge of my personal development, define and follow my OWN path to personal fulfilment, resulting in me feeling more accomplished and content, and have a positive impact on those around me.

I call this Success Journaling and it’s my hope that in Success Journaling you can find, like I have, a lifelong, life-enhancing companion for clarity, creativity, support and success.

When we achieve our potential and feel better about our life, we can give so much more to our family, our work, our relationships and the wider world. Trying to achieve our personal vision of success and be happy is the best way we can demonstrate gratitude for the life we’ve been given.

I believe it’s lifting our own individual life game through embracing continuing personal development that helps us contribute more and more positively to the world.

I wonder what the world would be like if EVERYONE felt fulfilled and successful? What if everyone had the opportunity to be in charge of, and responsible for, their own life?

Think of the peace of mind, heart and increased energy that this could create.

Maybe one day?

One person at a time?

Starting with you?

Elle xo


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