Build your business on the right foundations

Gaining clarity, developing a growth mindset & taking action are the foundations on which to build your purposeful & successful business using business mindset Journaling as the tool for personal growth. Read the full post here.


I’m a big ‘foundations’ person generally.

I’m really on board with the value of setting things up the right way, 

Putting the effort in up front so that things go more smoothly further down the line.

(For example, I like to tidy the house before going on holiday because I know the pain and frustration of doing otherwise. Anyone else hate coming home to a mess?)

And I’ve come to realise how beneficial this approach of paying attention to the foundations is in business too,

How much easier it is to make decisions and take actions that build your business when these particular foundations are in place:

The internal foundations of the clarity and mindset you need to take the action to do the external things that will build your business.

If you know me, you know I always say that the internal work is the place to start.

Approaching the internal work as a foundation on which to focus from the outset of your business is a stance that will serve you in the short, medium and long term. 

Day-to-day and every day you are in business, it’s the internal foundations that matter.

And this isn’t something that needs to slow the process of business, halt action or be a set of things you have ‘in place’ before you start. It’s ongoing work that you can integrate into your day-to-day business activities and your day-to-day personal routines, and I advocate doing so through Journaling.

Clearly, the external work of business is important too, of course it is.

But think about it this way:

  • If your website isn’t complete you can put up an ‘under construction’ page
  • An excel spreadsheet might do just as well for you as fancy software in the early days of your business 
  • and to focus on one social media platform only may serve you better when you’re a one person band, rather than trying to have a presence everywhere when you don’t have people to support you with the maintenance of that.

But if your clarity is ‘under construction’ rather than being positively maintained

If your mindset is something you decide to focus on ‘when you have more time’

Then you’re not giving yourself the best chance, because your foundations for taking action aren’t in place. (Been there, found out the hard way, btw).

In business, we tend to think of the wrong things as the foundations - like a website, business cards or logo etc.

And that’s where we get in a pickle.

Because at first, when business is new to us, we don’t know how to do all the external things. We have to learn. 

And it’s a lot to digest. 

If we haven’t done the internal work, the external demands can quickly lead to the limiting feelings of self doubt, feelings that we’re not good enough, don’t know enough or can’t do this ‘business thing’ as well as those we see around us. 

Does that resonate with you? Me too.

The thing is, when we do the internal work, we manage the external work and our feelings about it so much better. We approach our business with more confidence, energy and ease.

Think of the people you look up to in business and look at what they say on the subject of, for example, mindset. (Or if you have a connection to them, ask them directly).

It’s my experience that the successful people in business prioritise shoring up their personal reserve and working on their internal growth as a business necessity because they know it’s the root from which to grow their business and do the work they love.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy. (Actually, in my experience the external stuff is easier mainly because it’s Googleable!) But just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable or even fun (You know what I mean because you’re in business too, right?) 😄

So tell me, what do you say? 

Are you ready to prioritise the inner work to build a solid foundation for your business?

Elle xo

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