How to manage your MINDSET and take ACTION in business

Hey there!
As you know, I’m all about building a business mindset through harnessing the power of writing. Building a business mindset is all about gaining clarity and cultivating supportive beliefs and an approach to business that allows us to take assured action towards our goals.
One way of looking at it is using Journaling as a tool to get our brain on board with what we need to do to achieve our business goals.
But our brains can be tricky little devils, can't they? Throwing up thoughts that make us doubt ourselves, fear that we may not be 'up to this business thing' or worries and discomfort at taking the actions that we need to take to realise our plans.
​So, how do we get our brains on board?
How DO you manage your MINDSET to support ACTION in business?
That's what this Livestream is all about! Check it out below 👇 and remember to head into the group and let me know how you get on with the Journaling exercises!
Elle xo
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