How to find the time

How to find the time

You know that I’m on a mission to help us bring more fun, creativity and beauty into our lives through journaling. I firmly believe that writing is good for us and can enhance our lives if we incorporate it into our personal wellbeing activities.

And perhaps you agree with me that it’s a lovely idea, but you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Sounds great in theory, but I just don’t have the TIME.’

Between work, home, children, other family responsibilities and the myriad ad hoc activities we undertake daily, it’s very hard to think that we could add something to the list for FUN. It sounds like just another stressor, or something that we’ll possibly be able to do ‘one day’ but ‘not just now’.

I definitely know the feeling. Even though writing’s ‘my thing’, since going into business for myself, my time to write fiction has taken a huge hit. I’m trying to rectify that, but there’s always something else that “needs” done, preventing me from progressing my personal fiction project(s).

I definitely get that it’s not easy, but it’s important, so I’ve been working on it.

Here’s my question:

Would you like to carve out time in your day, week or month to do something just for you, something creative, something fun?

Then I have something for you.

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