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Here's the thing...

You started your business for a reason

=> Maybe because you know you can’t do the work that you want to do, work that fulfils you and allows you to have a positive impact on the world, AND be around for your family in the way you want to be by working traditional a 9-5 job 

=> Perhaps you want to create your business your way, a way that blends your passions and purpose so that you can express your unique view of the world and, in doing so, reach others who need to hear your message

=> Maybe you want to have the autonomy, flexibility and freedom that being your own boss gives you, while taking your income potential into your own hands instead of being at the mercy of an employer’s annual pay rise (if you’re lucky)

 (Or, hey, maybe how about all three, because why should you have to choose?)

I get it! I absolutely understand what building a successful business means to you, because I feel that way too. I’m so glad we’ve found each other. 

The best way to get what you want from your business is to give it the best of you.

That’s why the very first, or next, decision you need to make is that you’re going to commit to the ‘inner work’ necessary to not just own your own business but to OWN IT

If you know what I mean?

Whatever you want to DO as an entrepreneur, whatever business you want to build,(maybe you’re a writer, an artist, a jewellery maker, a coach, a photographer, a VA or a… I could go on all day)

If you’re finding that feelings of self-doubt (Am I good enough?), imposter syndrome (What if I’m actually just a fraud?), fear (what if everyone hates me/laughs at me/trolls me) and limiting beliefs (What if I’m not as competent as I think I am? What if I disappoint people?) are holding you back 

(I’ve been there, with bells on, by the way)

Then know that what my experience has taught me is that when you focus intentionally on building a business mindset as well as a business, 

Then you can DO what you want to DO with more clarity, confidence, energy and ease.

Clarity * Mindset * Action - your Success framework

Business Mindset and Personal Growth for Entrepreneurs & Creatives

If you want to harness the power of writing and learn how to use journaling for success as a business mindset tool, you’re in the right (write!) place, because that’s what I teach. I don’t want to ugly cry while I’m writing this Home Page, but it’s truly my purpose, mission, pleasure and privilege to support you in this way with the tools and mentoring you need. 

You can find out more here but, I’ve combined my eight years of writing fiction, 20 years working in HR and extensive Personal Development research and exploration to create what I call Success Journaling, a powerful tool for business mindset & personal growth to support you and your work and help you achieve the personal success, fulfilment and impact you desire through your own, unique, heart-led business.

The next chapter of your life story is in your hands (and head and heart)

So grab a pen and, of course, your journal

Don’t leave your happy ending to chance

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